Sunday, 17 November 2013

In Fear - (spoiler free) Film Review

'Adventurous young couple Tom and Lucy (Iain De Caestecker and Alice Englert) are en route to a music festival when they attempt to stop at a countryside hotel, and find themselves pursued by a malevolent stranger as all signs only seem to lead them further down the darkened, unfamiliar roads.' - Jason Buchanan

So far this year we have not had many 'good' horror films and hardly and psychological thrillers. Most have been gory supernatural films which can be good but are beginning to feel a little over done.

Before watching this film I had only watched the trailer and had not looked at any reviews or spoilers, so I really went into this film blind. I knew that this film had the potential to be really amazing but if it was done really badly, could just become like every other psychological horror. However, as the main character was Alice Englert so I knew this film couldn't be that bad.

As for the storyline, I was gripped from the first line, which might sound really cliche, but you are really drawn into the story buy the remoteness of the pub and the characters relationship. You already have the feeling that it isn't going to end well.

As they begin to realise something was going on the night is always drawing in and they are slowly running out of petrol. This really made you feel trapped in the film and I began to feel really claustrophobic.
As the acting was so good I really believed this was a true story and was actually happening, which is really unusual for me to do. At times you would really quickly see things that the characters wouldn't and I actually wanted to scream at the characters at times which I really loved as it showed how much I was enjoying the film.

I really enjoyed the sound effects and the really unusual camera angles,which added a lot to the whole experience. The shaky camera which developed more and more as the film went on was subtle but really effective.

When people compare this film to 'The Wicker Man' (which I have seen) and then say it is nothing in comparison. It is like comparing 'titanic' to 'The hunger games' Both are good films but they are completely different and do not have any real comparisons. I understand that both 'In Fear' and 'The Wicker Man' are both in remote locations and the people are weird, but that is literally the only thing that you can compare them buy. These people really missed the whole point of the film. - End of rant.

I would say this is the best horror film of 2013. It was a refreshing film with a unique spin on a classic idea. This film made me feel completely submersed and invested in the characters. By the end of the film I was shaking. Definitely worth a watch. I gave this film .