Sunday, 15 September 2013

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist - Film Review

 This film has been on my Netflix to watch list for a while now and I decided I would have a look what it was about. Going into it I had no idea about reviews or ratings. All I knew was the information netflix gave me. (If you don't have netflix then you can buy this DVD for just over £1 on amazon.)
This film is a indie film starring "[...]Michael Cera and Kat Dennings as two lonesome teens who make a love connection as they prowl the streets of New York looking for their favorite band's secret show, as well as for their drunk friend Caroline. Norah is sick of being the doormat for her catty friend Tris, so rather than look like she's arrived at yet another concert without her unreliable ex-boyfriend-with-benefits Tal, she grabs a stranger and pretends he's her date. Unfortunately, that stranger is Nick -- whom Tris just dumped. Oddly enough, though, Nick and Norah seem to have a real connection. But is Nick still too hung up on the princess? The only way to find out is to spend all night combing Manhattan in a yellow Yugo." ~ Jeremy Wheeler, Rovi 
As for the acting I thought they were believable. I didn't start to think they were just acting and I found myself becoming really absorbed into the story. The story was really sweet and really makes you just want to smile. As it wasn't a very long film I didn't get bored, however; I did have a small break in the middle. I think this film is unique and a real feel good film that will make you feel fuzzy inside.  
The music in this film was really amazing I felt it fitted really well with the film. I really liked how it had a large role in the fim and the chemistry between the two characters. I would recommend this to anyone who liked 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' as they are a similar style and have the same feel. 
As soon as I finished watching this film I went to amazon and bought it on DVD as I really loved it. I gave this film 4 and a half stars. If you have watched this film then please comment below and share what you thought about it.